Five reasons you might want to revisit the event budget

While the days where a PR pro was as valuable as their little black book are somewhat ancient history, relationships still underpin the industry. Arguably, connections with your can be the difference between your product or service simply getting a mention in the media, to securing a glowing endorsement with your key messaging included.

It’s that third-party championing that we know is so valuable to a brand and its reputation. How do we get other trusted individuals to organically talk about our brands and products in the way we want them to be talked about? We can’t put words in their mouth, and with real organic endorsement it’s not best practice to provide a strict brief. The solution therefore is to ensure your media genuinely believe in the message. This is where media events can prove incredibly valuable.

In a post-pandemic world where events are only just gearing up again properly, it could be easy to question what value and ROI events can offer, especially considering the investment that is sometimes required.

It is our belief that events do firmly still have a role and prove valuable in generating that third-party endorsement that is so critical to brand reputation. Whether it’s a celebration, an opening, a relaunch, or a regular date in the diary to schmooze, here are our five core reasons as to why press events remain an ROI-generating PR tactic in 2023:


  1. Relationship building

It is rare to get face to face opportunities with time-poor journalists. To steal their time away from their desk and convince their editor this event is seriously worth attending, you’ve got to be offering something special – but when you do, you can benefit from the valuable opportunity to get to know your key journalists. They are more than their job title as a writer or reporter, and engaging in a human-to-human conversation is a great way to build a relationship and become ever-more memorable.


  1. Authentic experience

Providing your target media with a first-hand experience of your product or service and a glimpse behind the scenes will only help to generate the authentic endorsement that is any PR person’s dream. Journalists put their own neck on the line when they publish news about a brand. Therefore, they simply won’t shout about something they’re not convinced of personally. Press events provide an opportunity to trial and taste what your business has to offer, and with bells on.


  1. Bring your values to the fore

In-person events provide the opportunity for brands to demonstrate what matters to them and bring this commitment to life. From charitable activity, to sustainability, workplace culture, or provenance, events allow businesses to demonstrate how their values extend to everything they do. Show your values “in real life” through the event format and set up, via tours around the site to showcase your daily commitment to what matters, or through a speech by the CEO.


  1. Generate a story

If you’ve prised an enviable guest list of journalists away from their desks, it’s critical to ensure they take value away from the day. Especially in the consumer and lifestyle world, journalists are always looking for the next trend, the next big hitter, and ultimately the next story that will sell. Press events give brands the opportunity to showcase which trends they are watching and demonstrate how they are responding to emerging themes. Talking proactively about industry developments puts the brand at the heart of an emerging story and gives your audience a red-hot story to return to their editor with.


  1. Not forgetting influencers

Today, social media influencers should absolutely be regarded as a critical segment of the media. Similarly to journalists, the right influencers have a trusted voice, a captive audience, and… influence! Social media and influencers can help a brand reach audience demographics that traditional press can’t. There are niches upon niches across social platforms and so tapping into these as a brand can be beneficial too. In their world where visuals are king, providing influencers with an aesthetically engaging day out at an event can allow brands to organically connect with online communities.


Well-organised and effective events with an unmissable atmosphere are the hallmarks of LLPR. From launch parties to intimate gatherings, public consultations to lavish dinners, we pride ourselves on delivering memorable events that aren’t just a great night out but deliver hard on your commercial objectives. Our events are carefully curated to attract guests who will spread the word, invest in your product, and become valuable brand ambassadors.

If you’re considering how an event could support your business in 2023/24, we’re the team for you.

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