After finishing my first year of Events Management at Sheffield Hallam University I decided it was about time to gain some work experience. After a very positive recommendation about Liz Lean PR I got in touch to see if I could spend some time with the team to understand a bit more about what they do.

Monday morning came around and I arrived to a very warm welcome for my week of work experience. The team all had big smiles on their faces as they showed me to my ‘temporary desk’ which made me feel a lot more at ease with the whole situation of being in a new environment and workplace.

Straight away I was given my first task of the day and I gained my initial droplet of insight into the world of PR. The staff were all very helpful and answered my endless questions about the tasks at hand without a worry whilst they managed to carry on with their long list of tasks for the day. Over the week I have been kept busy with numerous different jobs including writing social media updates, uploading press releases, and researching bloggers for an upcoming event. I even managed to tag along on a client trip to Monkey World (yes it was as exciting as it sounds!!).

One of the nicest things for me was the amount of trust that I felt was given to me as at no point throughout the week did I feel like I was being ‘mummied’ or like anyone was ‘holding my hand’ with the tasks I was set. This may sound odd but coming into a company which has some major clients and feeling like I was actually helping the staff out was refreshing and really motivating.

Although I want to enter into the events world as an event planner, the experience I gained at Liz Lean PR is so valuable to me. I have learnt a lot about PR, and marketing in particular, and I believe that I will use what I have learnt in the future. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into making my week at Liz Lean PR interesting and relevant. Thank you to everyone at the office for making me feel so welcome, and helping me throughout the week, being by the beach for a week was a nice perk as well!

Poppy x