With the recent warm weather, the Dolphin shopping centre in Poole is delighted to see an increase in the number of people cycling to the centre following the launch of its Don’t Drive Wednesday’s initiative.

On Wednesday July 17, the centre counted more than 60 bicycles at midday using the racks outside the centre.

The green community project, which was launched back in May, has been successful in promoting other transport options available to shoppers, tenants, staff and businesses.

Dolphin centre manager, John Grinnell, said: “The sunshine has a positive effect on people’s attitudes, everyone wants to be out enjoying the good weather while it’s here and in the last week we have seen an increase in people cycling to the centre, and not only on Don’t Drive Wednesdays.

“The Dolphin is committed to promoting sustainable transport and we believe encouraging people to leave their car at home, when possible, is the right way forward in making Poole a greener town.”

Since the launch of the Dolphin shopping centre’s Don’t Drive Wednesday’s campaign, the centre has installed a further 36 bicycle racks, now totalling 160 racks.