Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) has appointed Rosanna Maddock as harbour deckhand, she is the first female to be employed by PHC in the marine services section of the Harbour Master Department.

Rosanna joins a team of four PHC deckhands who are part of a dedicated team responsible for ensuring the maintenance of and safety of navigation in Poole Harbour.

Prior to joining PHC, Rosanna spent six years serving in the Royal Navy as a seamanship specialist, where she was responsible for day and night watches, sea survival, tactical communications and maintenance of safety equipment.

In her new position, Rosanna is accountable for carrying out patrols of the harbour, refurbishing and replacing navigational buoys and ensuring that all necessary safety precautions are in place for the boarding and landing of pilot boats.

Harbour Master, Captain Brian Murphy, who oversees the deckhands, said: “We are pleased to welcome Rosanna on board and we are confident that she will bring complementary skills and experience to what is a challenging yet vital part of PHC’s work in the Harbour.”