Drewlec employee Jason Evans from Poole, has completed a 100km cycling challenge in a bid to raise vital funds for research that could cure his six year old daughter’s Type 1 Diabetes.

Along with 60 other supporters of the charity Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Jason, 45, completed the London Nightrider event in five hours, cycling 100km from Crystal Palace, through the city and back again. He raised £1,200 for the charity which funds research to cure, treat and prevent Type 1 Diabetes.

To ensure he completed the challenge, Jason trained five days a week for six months by resistance cycling on a static bike for two hours every evening, and 30 to 50 mile bike rides at weekends. Jason has since completed other cycling charity events whilst working his full-time job as an approved electrician for Drewlec, part of the Drewitt Group in Bournemouth.

Following diagnosis of the autoimmune condition Type 1 Diabetes when Jason’s daughter Lily-Ella was just five years old, the charity JDRF has provided vital advice and support to Jason and his family on how to help Lily-Ella live a healthy and normal lifestyle.

In the first year of Lily-Ella’s diagnosis, she required up to five insulin injections per day, as well as around 10 blood tests to regulate the condition which occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys the beta cells in the pancreas that produces insulin.

By fundraising, Jason wanted to give something back to the charity. He said: “When we were told Lily-Ella had Type 1 Diabetes we were shocked. We didn’t know much about it and thought it only affected older people. We didn’t realise Type 1 Diabetes which is mainly diagnosed in childhood existed. But immediately the Children’s Diabetes Team at Poole Hospital, along with JDRF gave us the vital information we needed to keep Lily-Ella alive.

He continued: “JDRF have been great to us. As soon as she was diagnosed they gave Lily-Ella a teddy which also needed insulin injections! They keep us informed about the condition, advances in research and help us understand what could happen when she experiences blood sugar highs or lows.”

Gillian Drewitt, managing director for The Drewitt Group, said: “Jason has been with Drewlec for six years and he is a valued employee. We all backed his challenge and were delighted to learn he completed it and raised a large amount of money for the charity and we wish Lily-Ella well for the future.”

To make a donation to JDRF please visit www.jdrf.org.uk