Stationery giant, Pukka Pads, is reminding people across the south of the joy of receiving a handwritten letter.

To mark National Handwriting Day (Monday 23 January), the Poole-based firm is encouraging everyone this week to write a letter to either a relative or friend rather than using new methods of communication such as email or Skype.

Pukka Pads managing director, Chris Stott, said: “Technologies such as email and Facebook have become the most convenient form of communication and handwriting, and the appreciation of language, has suffered as a result.”

The national day highlights the importance of handwriting and the personal touch it can add to your message, which online communications lack. Hand-written messages give an extra personal layer to communication, so for this week Pukka Pads is encouraging everyone to pick up a pen and paper instead.

Pukka Pads has around 400 products on the market, sold in 35 countries across the world. Today, there are few stationery avenues the company has yet to explore with jotta pads, projects books, ring binders, leather portfolios and even duplicate books.