Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) is once again looking to appoint new commissioners to serve on the board of the Trust Port which operates the commercial port of Poole and oversees the 10,000 acres that make up Europe’s largest natural harbour.

Each year, the local organisation seeks to recruit new commissioners and this year PHC is looking for three high calibre individuals with an interest in public services to fill these vacancies for a period of three years, commencing Wednesday November 1 2017.

Applicants will be able to show skills and experience commensurate with a non-executive director’s position. This would include a familiarity with local issues relating to the area with an emphasis based upon Management of Harbours, Shipping, Industrial, commercial or financial matters, and the Marine Environment.

Jim Stewart, Chief Executive of Poole Harbour Commissioners said: “Our commissioners are all dedicated to assisting the organisation in ensuring the success of the Port of Poole and Poole Harbour. Each Commissioner should be able to bring a set of skills and expertise which will strengthen the existing board. Following the adoption of our master plan and the new port development, PHC is at an exciting stage and it is important that we have a strong and balanced board to ensure that the organisation can meet future challenges.”

If you are interested in being considered for these appointments, please email Annie Willats: anniewillats@phc.co.uk or write to: The Chief Executive, Poole Harbour Commissioners, 20 New Quay Road, Poole BH15 4AF and ask for an application form and supporting pack no later than 5pm on Friday August 4 2017.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on Monday September 25 2017.