Following months of consultation with the kite surfing community, the British Kite Sports Association (BKSA), Borough of Poole, Natural England and the RNLI, Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) has now launched a kite surfing permit scheme in Poole harbour.

The £20 permit came into force on March 28 and moving forward all kite surfers must have a valid permit prominently displayed when kite surfing in Poole harbour.

Over the years, PHC has opted for an educational and support approach, which included regular meetings with the kite surfing community and being involved in the setting up of the Poole Kite Surfing Club and the creation of a Code of Practice. This went some way to improving the safety of the sport. However over recent years popularity has increased and accidents have occurred, therefore greater regulation was deemed necessary.

Commenting on the new permit, PHC harbour master, Captain Brian Murphy, said: “Thank you to all those who have supported this process and have provided positive and constructive feedback. The sport will be monitored carefully going forward and it is hoped that together we can ensure the activity is as safe as possible.”

For a map of the preferred kite surfing area in Poole Harbour and to purchase a kite surf permit please visit PHC’s website or alternatively application forms can be obtained from the harbour office. Training schools should apply to the harbour master.