Spiny tailed-lizards, Peter and Jordan, in the Oceanarium

Our client, the Oceanarium, is on a very special egg hunt this Easter…they are hopping the Easter bunny will bring eggs from eight spiny-tailed lizards. The staff have named two of these very rare creatures Peter and Jordan because of their tango orange colour and we are hoping that they will do what the very fertile couple do best and reproduce!

The lizards have been lovingly looked after at the award-winning Bournemouth attraction since they were seized by customs after being illegally imported into the country six years ago. Staff have installed a specially-designed box in their display for the lizards to lay their eggs in as part of the captive breeding programme. The egg-laying box, which looks like a rock, will be checked every day and will incubate any eggs found .

A ninth lizard from the Oceanarium is on a romantic break at Sparsholt College, Winchester, where she is being woo’ed by another male lizard there… The Egg hunt is on!

Oceanarium 01202 311993 or visit www.oceanarium.co.uk