Due to the increase in demand for private paediatric services, Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital has added three new team members to its growing Children & Young People (CYP) Service.

Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital based on Lansdowne Road, has welcomed three new CYP staff nurses, who have joined Lead Nurse, Linda Forsyth, who was appointed in January 2017 following Nuffield’s plans to expand its paediatric offering. Staff nurses Joanna Vernazza, Emma Collins, and Jacqueline Jarvis joined the hospital last month because of the increased demand for private paediatric services.

Linda Forsyth, CYP Services Lead Nurse, said: “Due to increasing demands on the NHS, waiting lists for surgical procedures such as tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies and grommet insertion can be very lengthy. Tonsillitis is so common in children and by not having this simple procedure can mean missing a lot of school and having to be prescribed several rounds of antibiotics. Many children suffer with Glue Ear, which causes auditory impairment. This can cause difficulties at school and with speech development if left untreated.

“CYP staff nurses at Nuffield Health provide children with a friendly, familiar face from their first appointment, through to waking up in the recovery room following a surgical procedure. This one-to-one attention and support makes children feel calm and safe at a time that could be seen as frightening. Due to the increased demand for paediatric procedures, it’s been necessary to hire more staff to ensure the same standard of help and support is available to every child that comes to the hospital.”

The increased resources have also enabled the CYP nursing staff to go out into the community more and meet with local schools. Nuffield Health is currently participating in two school initiatives that the nursing staff have been rolling out to primary and secondary schools in Dorset, including the Schools Wellbeing Awareness Programme (SWAP) and Age Specific Hand Hygiene Training sessions.

For more information or to book an appointment at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital, call customer services on 01202 375032 or visit: www.nuffieldhealth.com/bournemouth.