In PR your reputation is based on knowing your subject, your audience and your media. Here at Liz Lean PR, we use ‘Gorkana’, a comprehensive database of over 165,000 national and international journalists, enabling us to source those best suited to our clients. Gorkana is the most trusted and up-to-date source of journalistic information that we can use as a platform for getting our client’s news to the best media sources.

Gorkana has, and continues to build profiles of journalists, whereby the site details everything from their career history, to industry awards, even to the finer details of their personal interests or preferred meeting formats. This inside knowledge strengthens our relationship with the press, which is handy for the team here when we want to match suitable journalists or media outlets to our client’s needs.

Gorkana is in constant contact with journalists regarding any changes to their details, ensuring we are then notified by a daily email, keeping us up-to-date in what has become a growing and developing media industry. A recent survey conducted by The B2B PR Blog compared the top four media databases (Gorkana, FeaturesExec, Cision Point and Media Atlas), with Gorkana coming out on top with the best scores in both its number of relevant results in its search engine and the quality of information provided. The survey further credited Gorkana for its exceptional sales service, ensuring that customers know how to use the software and offering to teach customers one-on-one in their office.

Access to Gorkana goes above and beyond expectations, providing us with more than 100,000 forward features and synopses every year. This gives us the additional advantage of giving our clients more opportunities for broad and varied media coverage.

Moreover we have unlimited access to all Gorkanas’ survey results from more than 10,000 UK target market consumers, as well its daily newsletter from within the industry, ensuring Liz Lean PR stays ahead of the game!