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Today is turning out to be a bit of a digital day for our event manager, Chloe Parmiter. Firstly, a nice early start at a Lexis Click seminar on the importance of online marketing, and having worked so hard on our new website over the past few months, it is great to double check that we have covered all the angles – SEO ranking, meta detail and analytics.

Today’s fact

Now for those who advertise online with tools such as Google ad words, don’t forget that the new EU Cookie Law is coming into enforcement from the 26th May 2012. On this date all UK websites must offer users opt-in consent tools to allow cookies that pass information about your browsing activities to 3rd parties. Yes, the legislation has been around a while, however it is now going to be enforced to ensure that companies respect privacy.  For more information


Digital animals!

Back to the events; this evening Chloe is off to another online event “Meetdraw”, to rub shoulders with the digital animals of Dorset. It is due to be a promising evening with a few familiar faces, including our fabulous web-design agency Halo Associates and our super-social-geek and trainer Luke Williams who keeps us on our digital toes. It is rumoured he even keeps a geek-sheet rating who is out-geeking who within the Liz Lean PR team.