I first heard about LLPR through my dad, who previously has had a very good experience working with the team. In addition, the agency also manages public relations for Dorset County Show, which my family has always been affiliated with.

Currently I am studying Business ‘A’ Level in my final year of school, and I would like to go into a career in business- which is a big minefield, so I wanted to explore the types of jobs that are on offer! Specifically, I am interested in marketing and brands, so PR attracted my attention.

When I first came to chat to Liz Willingham, Managing Director of LLPR, I immediately felt inspired and excited about the future and the world of work. Liz and I had a brilliant discussion about her company, how she set it up, interwork relations, business culture, and the future for young people. Liz was very interested in what I had to say, and I was curious about the world of PR after hearing about her career and the amazing clients that LLPR works with. When Liz offered me work experience, I felt excited.

After my first day of work experience, I had already decided that this was the type of environment that I would like to work in. The team are friendly, hard-working, considerate and skilled in making a good cup of tea!

Many of the team members this week have dedicated time to give me advice, describe their roles in the company, and tell me about their careers, which has been very interesting and helpful as I decide my next steps.

This week I have been given CV and personal statement advice, sat in on meetings with clients, written three blog posts, given a presentation, conducted exciting research tasks, learnt about stakeholder engagement. and more. I have learned that Public Relations covers a large area – every task I have done has been different, which I like because variety is important to help keep you motivated and engaged.

Three members of the team are doing apprenticeships with the PRCA, which is interesting to learn about as I am at the stage where I am debating whether to go to university.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Liz Lean PR and would recommend to anyone who is interested in the industry.