Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital will be holding a laser eye surgery open event on Wednesday March 5 at 7pm.

The event, ‘Life without glasses: Laser in cataract and corneal surgery’, will be hosted by leading  ophthalmologists Mr James Kersey and Mr Mahesh Ramchandani who consult at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital.

The consultants will give an informal presentation on the most up-to-date procedures for laser eye surgery, including the latest cataract surgery techniques and lens technologies.

The event will also be addressing some of the most frequently asked questions by those interested in having laser eye surgery, including whether cataract surgery can reduce the need for glasses and how laser eye surgery can be used to correct long or short-sightedness.

Mr Kersey said: “Laser eye surgery has evolved rapidly over the past ten years – we can now offer a range of surgeries with minimum disturbance to the eye.

“For example, in previous years cataract treatment involved moving the cataract to the back of the eye rather than removing it, which could cause discomfort and inflammation. Today we perform surgery where silicon lenses are rolled up and injected inside a small incision made in the eye, which is far more effective.”

Silicon lenses inserted in laser eye surgery can reliably correct distance vision, while some of the newer lenses can also allow patients to recover both their long and short vision at the same time.

Blended vision eye surgery techniques, where one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye for close vision, has also proved popular as the majority of patients find themselves able to manage without glasses afterwards.

Mr Ramchandani explained: “There are many varieties of laser eye surgery techniques available today for those considering having their vision corrected, just as there are many variations of eye and sight problems.

“It is important for patients to be aware of what surgery options are best suited to getting the results they are hoping for – which for most people means becoming as independent from their specs and contact lenses as possible.”

The ‘Life without glasses’ open event is free to attend but places are limited, please contact the customer services team on 01202 702830 to guarantee a space.