A non-invasive method for treating Dupuytren’s disease is being offered at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital.

 Affecting up to two million people in the UK, Dupuytren’s disease restricts hand function owing to a thickening of the palmar fascia.

The condition forms a thick cord under the palm as linings around tendons, joints and muscles in the hand enlarge and tighten, causing fingers to curl and leaving some sufferers unable to straighten their fingers altogether.

While the disease has traditionally been treated with surgical methods, Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital is offering suitable patients collagenase injections which reduce recovery time to approximately 48 hours rather than the three months’ respite usually required after invasive surgery.

Mr Jeremy Southgate, Orthopaedic Consultant and Hand Specialist at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital, said: “Collagenase is an exciting treatment which is very useful for treating certain types of Dupuytren’s.

“During treatment, collagenase is injected into the thickened tissue. The patient can then return the next day to have their fingers manipulated and straightened. It’s a quick procedure and the recovery time is a lot quicker than having surgery – patients are able to use their hands straight away.”

Mr Southgate added: “It’s important to note the treatment isn’t suitable for everyone, particularly if the deformity caused by Dupuytren’s is very severe. It may also be necessary to have more than one treatment. The down-side of any Dupuytren’s treatment, including collagenase injections, is that there is always a risk of reoccurrence, but recovery times are undoubtedly much quicker with the collagenase injections.”

Those interested in finding out more about collagenase treatments at Nuffield Health Bournemouth hospital are invited to call the Customer Service Department on 01202 702830.