Skylanterns over Shaftesbury

It has been reported in the Blackmore Vale this week that mysterious flying objects were sighted over Shaftesbury on several occasions between Christmas and the New Year.

Local residents spied  upside-down horseshoe shapes glowing with a fiery orange light, floating silently from east to west across the  dark sky.  Sadly it is not other worldly beings trying to contact us, the unidentified flying objects are sky candles or sky lanterns.

After the chimes at midnight, WestBeach diners lit up the night sky, with these stunning skycandles. Each party were able to write their New Year’s wish or resolution on the side of their mini hot air balloon before sending their wishes sailing across the Bournemouth seafront skyline.

Following WestBeach’s example, I purchased some myself and my friends and I sent our wishes soaring up into the Cotwolds sky. A wonderful way to welcome in the New Year.

Strangely, we found one of the spent skycandles at the recycling site on New Years day. Kind of takes the shine off, don’t you think…maybe the person it belonged to had already broken their resolution…and the resolution is ready to be recycled for next year…

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