There’s more to a brand than price: 

When it comes to buying products, the first thing we think of is price. We’re all looking for the next best alternative, usually of a cheaper kind. Everyone loves saving a few pennies here and there and shouting out about their latest bargain.

But, buying into a brand is a lot deeper than one may think. The message a brand conveys to their audience is equally as important, in order to build strong relationships with customers – hopefully to keep them coming back time and time again.

Speaking of which, Argos is a brand that has consistently focused on price and quality control over the years. It’s one of the first places we look when we need a new iron or a kids’ Christmas present. However, can we envisage a face behind the catalogue? What are their goals, who are they talking to, are they light-hearted or serious?

In order to establish their voice and a more concentrated target audience, Argos has recently launched a new advertising campaign to build an ’emotional connection’ with customers, as well as promote their partnership with Sainsbury’s. In turn, they hope this will assist with the growth of their audience and brand loyalty.

The new campaign is a video titled ‘You’re Good To Go’, which targets busy parents with a focus on the realities of modern family life. The family within the video go through struggles of going on holiday altogether, whereby Argos steps in with products to solve all their problems, making it a fun and relatable viewing. Argos’ marketing director Gary Kibble explained that their key purpose is “making sure customers know we’re ‘good to go’ and ready to move at the speed of their [consumers’] lives”.

Just like with friends, building relationships is paramount to learning what people want. A brand once solely known for price is now becoming known for getting right under consumers’ skin, and we think all brands should attempt to carry on bridging the gap.

What could you do to position your brand closer to your customers?

By Hannah Old