A mythical character rooted in folklore has triumphed over a previous King of England according to a survey by family theme park, Paultons Park.

50 children aged between seven and 11 years old took part in the Hampshire theme park’s survey evaluating children’s perception of mythical and historical figures.

76 per cent of children polled believed Robin Hood to be a genuine historical character, while only 24 per cent knew of King Henry VIII, the infamous second monarch of the Tudor dynasty notorious for his six wives and ‘Dissolution’ of England’s monasteries.

Paultons Park Education Officer, Andy Chapman, said: “It is a bit surprising more children didn’t know who Henry VIII was because Tudor life is an important area of study for key stage two children aged seven to 11. Yet when you consider the large amount of press Robin Hood has received through the centuries, it’s perhaps not so shocking many children think he was a ‘real’ person.”

He added: “Here at the park we host a 4D Robin Hood cinema experience where children are placed at the heart of the action in a Robin Hood tale. The children come out really excited by it because Robin Hood’s daring adventures capture their imaginations. He’s also an ‘anti-hero’, which the children love. I’m sure if Henry VIII were brought to life in a similar fashion he would be more memorable for children as well.”

The park’s Robin Hood 4D film is an action packed family adventure that will take audiences of all ages on a whirlwind journey with Maid Marion as she is hurled into a world of excitement escaping the evil clutches of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The mystery behind the Robin Hood stories has fascinated students of history and folklore for centuries. While Historians such as David Baldwin claim the Robin Hood legends stem from the actions of factual figures such as arsonist and highwayman Roger Godberd, it is generally believed the stories include factual and fictional elements from several different men’s exploits at various times throughout the ages to form the traditional Robin Hood tale we know today.

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