We had the opportunity to see the next generation of budding PR and Marketing professionals, courtesy of CIPR and Southampton Solent University.

Taking place within Southampton Solent’s Spark building, the event certainly sparked the students’ imaginations as they opened up about their future PR plans with a keen sense of curiosity, and showed a real interest in the industry and what it could offer them. The creative environment added fuel to the students’ fire as they talked about what they love about their courses, and what they don’t like.

Three LLPR staff attended to offer key advice to the future PR workforce.  Account Manager Alice and Account Executives Leila and Emily were on hand to offer an insight to the students, highlighting the fast-paced environment of a PR agency. Bringing a wealth of experience, the LLPR staff  talked through their individual journeys and their backgrounds within PR and marketing.

Alice’s background in magazine journalism and content marketing gave the students food for thought as how to break into the industry. As well as editing many local magazines, Alice now manages many key accounts for LLPR that include Weird Fish, Haskins and Superior showing students what can be achieved.

As Leila is an ambassador for the younger generation and Dorset’s young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, her advice indeed resonated with, and inspired the younger generation at Southampton Solent. Founder of Digipigz, a service and extension of LLPR, students were able to see first-hand what innovation, creativity and a “can-do” attitude can achieve.

Emily was able to inspire the current students, as she herself managed to graduate Sheffield Hallam University with a First Class Honours degree in Public Relations and Media Studies. With previous experience at a national agency arranging events and creating campaigns, as well as being an Account Executive at LLPR, Emily was able to meet and inspire fresh new faces.


As well as offering insight and advice, the LLPR team found it interesting to hear from the students who are currently studying PR and Marketing.  Many of the students have already shown initiative by writing blog posts, which is an interesting indicator and shows how the PR world has changed over recent years.

Students were keen to get work experience placements ahead of finishing their degree and were very interested in knowing about the different industries that PR operates in. With choices working in-house, agency, public-sector, NGOs and consultations, it seems the students are spoilt for choice in which avenue they can pursue, as well as being able to specialise in specific sectors.

Overall it was such a lovely opportunity to be able to meet with the next generation of PR superstars. We are sure that they will all have wonderful and prosperous careers ahead and will no doubt, get stuck into the world of PR.