Digipigz is a new concept devised by Liz Lean PR’s youngest member of staff, and Account Executive, Leila Willingham. After attending Silicon Beach back in 2015 whilst still at school, Leila realised there was a demand from marketing professionals to understand her generation (Gen Z) and felt frustrated that businesses didn’t meet this demand by simply involving them in discussion.

After living through a major double-dip recession, some of the largest terror attacks on record and as digital natives, they aren’t stupid. This generation has educated themselves in ways previous generations never could have, they’ve understood and got involved in complex debates from a younger age than ever before.

We think it’s time young people are given the trust they deserve and since joining the team, Leila has been able to develop the concept with the help of the rest of the Liz Lean PR team to cultivate an offering we think is pretty ‘oinking’ great.

Digipigz wants to build a bridge, break down barriers and provide young people with some incredible opportunities. Digipgz aims to give businesses the opportunity to gain a direct insight into this demographic and aid them in creating relevant campaign ideas targeting young audiences.

Our Piggy Bank is a community made up of young enthusiastic talent, hand-picked to provide businesses with a trusted and bespoke service that allows them to listen and learn from this target audience directly. There are over seven million 16-24 year olds living in the UK. This is not a group who’ll take anyone and everyone. We find, host and grow talent and ambition. Far from a standard focus group, Digipigz recruits members on the basis they are industry astute and commercially sharp, guaranteeing businesses valuable feedback from the ‘Digital Guinea Pigs’.

It’s a super exciting time for us as we start to trot along. We’ve launched our new logo, excellently designed by 18 year old AUB student, James Woodford and we’ve begun conversation with potential clients. We are also out visiting schools, colleges and universities as we start to ‘recruit’ our first Digipigz.

We hope you’ll follow us on the journey, whether that be joining the ‘litter’ and becoming a Digipig yourself, getting in touch as to how we can help your business or simply hitting the follow button on our socials. Our homepage and contact details can be found here.

Over and ‘snout’… for now