As many businesses reopen following the government’s phased ease of lockdown, businesses can expect increased scrutiny of safety requirements and processes in response to the health crisis. As a result, the media are going to be reporting on various aspects of this, covering different sectors and applications.

This interest poses a great opportunity for media coverage and profile raising, which businesses should grasp with both hands.

Interviews with the media provide an opportunity for businesses to share their messages more directly with their audiences, however for some business leaders and spokespeople, the idea of being interviewed about a delicate issue, such as COVID-19 social distancing measures, could be daunting and feel like a threat to the reputation of the business.

At Liz Lean PR, we advise clients regularly on how to best present themselves in the most positive way possible when undertaking media interviews. We understand how intimidating these can be for some and always recommend that spokespeople are media trained before a major interview with a journalist. Although, the idea of an online video interview or distanced face-to-face interview may feel uncomfortable, now isn’t the time to be turning down opportunities that may support the future success of the business.

We are offering an exclusive number of slots to deliver fast-track media training sessions for business owners and spokespeople, to provide advice on how to handle questions and different interview formats as a result of the current situation.

These tailored, 90-minute sessions will be run online by our MD, Liz Willingham, who has over 30 years’ PR experience, and one of our Account Managers, Lucy Mercer who has significant consumer brand PR experience. Within the session, business leaders and spokespeople will receive tips and hints for successful interviews. Those in the session will learn useful tactics for gaining confidence in delivery, whether your interview is on or offline. There will also be the opportunity to test your skills in a friendly context to critique and perfect your technique, with a dedicated practice Q&A that’s tailored to the participant’s specific circumstances and business.

At the end of the 90 minutes, spokespeople will leave feeling ‘Zoom camera ready’, with the confidence to embrace any media opportunity that may present itself over the coming weeks and months, however sensitive the subject.


Within 90-minutes, participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the different types of media and how they are likely to engage with you
  • An idea of the types of interviews you may be asked to do
  • Practical and actionable advice on how to nail the interview including answering tricky questions, delivering top class online video call interviews and conveying key messages
  • Feedback on interview technique, after running through a short ‘practice’


These sessions are available to director, c-suite or manager level individuals or those who are spokespeople for the business at £125 + VAT per 90-minute session. To ensure all participants find the sessions valuable, we would recommend that a maximum of two people take part in one session. We will soon be launching a larger, group short-course which may be more appropriate for other roles within the business.

Please email to book your session. Slots are available from Monday 1st June.