The quarterly Bellwether Report on marketing trends is in – and here’s your need to know basics on how the industry is changing.

  • Marketing spend is growing, thanks to a more competitive market
    • Despite uncertainty following Brexit, companies have realised how important it is to protect their share of the market, increase brand awareness, and ensure that they are always engaging with their audience in the most effective way.
  • Events and digital marketing have greater spends than they used to
    • Budgets for events have risen as companies see the benefit that coming face to face with both existing and prospective clients brings.
    • The past quarter saw online marketing budgets grow for the seventh consecutive year, and SEO strategies are following suit.
  • Market research spending has dropped
    • It’s still vital to know what your audience is up to and how to reach them – but are you doing it in the most effective way? Spending large amounts on a survey or focus group could soon be a thing of the past.
  • Future outlook is uncertain but not negative
    • While predictions show Brexit may continue to squeeze budgets going forwards, the general consensus remains that it’s more important than ever to reach new audiences.

With digital PR becoming increasingly important, LLPR is managing social media and online advertising more than ever before, as well as liaising with influencers and producing content for client websites. We use these techniques to complement more traditional PR methods – media relations, stakeholder engagement, crisis management, marketing and events – to build your reputations.

We love coming up with new creative ideas, so if you’ve got any new initiatives that we might be able to support you with, give us a call on 01202 701828 and let’s chat!

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