Fore Comms, part of UK communications specialist group Fore Solutions (formerly Event Communication Services), has signed a five-year deal to supply Southampton Business Against Crime (SoBAC) with a digital radio system for Southampton’s business crime reduction partnership.

Southampton-based Fore Comms landed the contract with SoBAC, a non-profit making partnership set up by like-minded businesses who want to control business crime in the city, which sees a state-of-the-art two-way radio system installed to support more than 100 businesses in the Southampton area.

The contract sees Fore Comms supply 160 Motorola two-way radios, 150 DP4400 and 10 DP4800 handsets, which are linked to each other and to the SoBAC security office via a central computer so they can communicate efficiently and alert each other instantly about antisocial behaviour.  The hand-held radios are connected together and managed through a Motorola digital infrastructure which consists of two repeaters and directional antennas that boost the radio signal coverage across Southampton.

The DP4400 portable radio delivers voice and data communications.  It is easy to use and features up to 32 channel capacity, five programmable buttons and an emergency button.  The DP4800 handset features a colour display, full keypad, up to 1,000 channel capacity, five programmable buttons and an emergency button.

Roy Russell from SoBAC says: “Thanks to the equipment supplied by Fore Comms, Southampton businesses can communicate quickly with each other, the police and CCTV control rooms. SoBAC’s aim is to help prevent crime and make Southampton is a safer place to work and shop. The excellent radio communication system supplied by Fore Comms will help us to continue with this aim.”

Nathan Williams, commercial manager at Fore Comms, comments: “We’re looking forward to working with the SoBAC team during the next five years to ensure the radio communication systems throughout Southampton’s shopping scene are constantly meeting SoBAC’s objective to providing a safe environment.”

For further details on Fore Comms please email, visit  or telephone 02380 249 860.