We’ve had Luke Eaton with us this week on a work experience placement… here’s what he had to say about the week.

Well, where do I start? My expectations were somewhat low as I started the week, with the preconception and experience of poorly structured work ‘stints’ (as Jane likes to call them) with the main and only task being to shadow someone for the week.

I couldn’t believe my luck with the amount of responsibility I had as soon as I started! With this, I had the freedom and opportunities to apply my knowledge from university and really make an impact within the organisation. One of the many things I’ve learnt and will take away is that not all the theory I’ve learnt during my degree (currently studying Marketing) is as applicable as it sounds. Being at Liz Lean PR has taught me the elements which are most beneficial and relevant for real life businesses, this has been an eye opener and something I can really take away.

I was given the task of helping type up a transcript from an interview, as well as researching a media database for a client, brainstorming creative ideas for a new client win, helping to write copy and last but not least, helping to arrange prizes for a charity event.

The role has been truly very rewarding but what made the experience unforgettable is working with the most bubbly, upbeat and caring teams I’ve ever been in. It has been wonderful and an experience I will never forget.

If I ever needed anything they would be more than happy to help all with their shining personalities too! And even when I got things wrong, they’d teach me why it was wrong rather than ignoring it or doing it themselves.

I never thought the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ would be so relevant as it is when working at Liz Lean PR.

Thank you to Alice, Louise, Holly, Cat, Jane, Shona, Carol, Lisa and of course Liz for just being you J

By Luke Eaton