New York Adore florist

This morning I felt like a native New Yorker heading to the office on my usual route through Clancey Street subway, headphones in like everyone else.

It’s all starting to get familiar and the sun is still shining. A friend told me to make sure I keep looking up which I am doing, you do appreciate it all the more. I have become accustomed to the superfood smoothies at Brazilia on 684 Broadway, a perfect start to the day. They’re ice cold, refreshing and cleansing which is good after a night of New York cocktails!

New York smoothie

Today is the last day I will see some of the team at King & Partners as many will be working from home tomorrow, depending on client meetings. I have spent some time looking for gifts to acknowledge my time and learning and I found a beautiful florist called Adore in the neighbourhood.

Flowers for the ladies, a scented candle for reception, and Geek Snap cards for the tech team (well they came from home…couldn’t resist). Next door to the florist I found a quirky vintage shop full of old treasures, and couldn’t help having a mooch. A big box of buttons caught my eye….topical to an event project we are currently working on at Liz Lean PR….

Erikah Badhu posterI have also been researching New York PR services today and their approach which is a little contrasting to our own way of working. The media here is strong and well supported from what I can see; hard print publications are plentiful with Wall Street Journal and the New York Times still holding their own. Industry titles relevant to fashion hang around the coffee tables of the agency…. beautifully produced titles such as WWD, and The Business of Fashion (BOF). The usual Metro for the masses is available free each day around the subway stations just like London. Heavy with advertising but including local news, features on fashion, entertainment as expected and event listings. Unsurprisingly the big names are playing here regularly; this Saturday at Madison Square Garden will see Disclosure and Sam Smith, and I noticed a poster advertising one of my fave artists Erikah Badhu who plays here in December…..I so want to come back for that!

By Liz Willingham