Fashion Digital New York conference

I have been really looking forward to the Fashion Digital New York conference where Tony from King & Partners was contributing to a panel discussion monitored by Simon Collins on the subject of ‘ECommerce Best Practices: when to follow them, and when to break them’.

The lecture theatre was at capacity with an audience of over 600 and the stairs were full too so it was a bit embarrassing when my chair arm fell off and clattered to the ground but you can always trust the Cornish in the room to cause a scene!

It was a good debate which included representatives from Kenneth Cole and Nineteenth Amendment, with Simon typically challenging them all in relation to conventional thinking….I loved his intro which demanded no references to storytelling and other overused terms!

Cuban Cafe lunchAfterwards back to the office and some catch up emails followed by lunch at a Cuban cafe around the block. The sun has been shining strong for me this week and whilst I arrived to a chill, it’s definitely now warmed up to a late summer feel. Perfect temperature and bright blue skies as backdrop to this stunning skyline which I’m falling more for every day.

The welcome from everyone has been outstanding; New Yorkers are friendly and accommodating from what I can see so far. To accompany my NYPD photo earlier in the week I noticed the New York Fire Department had a station right across the road from the office so I asked for a photo and they were happy to oblige. One for you girls in the office!

Catching up with Nicole, the agency’s Chief Operating Officer who has worked with Tony for around 11 years, I have learnt how they manage recruitment, growth, internal structure and the ethos of the brand. A very ‘zen’ working environment is encouraged; no phones on work stations (the phone never rings anyway – everything is communicated digitally internally and externally), scented candles at reception, no paper in sight. It’s an ironic contrast compared to what is meant to be ’sleepy’ Dorset – it makes our environment feel like Piccadilly Circus!

An evening of crazy cocktails ensued after work, starting in Lafayette on Lafayette Street with happy hour – I even got one on the house. I obviously looked like I needed it…..

By Liz Willingham