Liz Takes Manhattan Subway

I admit I was flagging as I left the office yesterday, my body was telling me it was 11.30pm at night (it was 6.30pm here) and I had an evening of socialising ahead…

I knew I just had to get on with it and get into the swing of NY time and routine. Everyone eats out here, a lot. The bars and restaurants are buzzing, high quality and the service is exceptional; a result of the tipping culture I guess. We have a bit to learn in England in parts I feel.

A glass of champagne with my friend and exceptional NY host, Simon Collins at Lafayette, a large French bar/restaurant on the corner of Lafayette and Great Jones Street just a few steps from King & Partners, hit the spot. We then walked to Cherche Midi Bowery for a second glass of bubbly and awaited our dinner company.

Liz Takes Manhattan Cherche Midi Bowery

We all know you can judge a decent restaurant from the toilets (or should I say rest  rooms?), so judging by this sink, I knew I was in for a treat. Touching up a day’s makeup  on a tired face was tricky in distressed, antique mirrors though – it was the kind of low  level lighting that Hollister would be proud of. I reasoned that as the lighting in the  restaurant was the same, no one would notice anyway, and ultimately, everyone is so  relaxed here that nobody minds.

Simon’s good friend Carlos Miele and his stunning fiance, Ray arrived to join us for dinner  with Simon’s partner, Meenal. Carlos is a Brazilian fashion designer who regularly visits  New York.  I particularly love his evening attire and am a little frustrated I can’t get access  to one for this year’s Dorset Business Awards… not that I could probably afford it! It was  fascinating though to hear about what’s happening in his world, in Brazil and that he  enjoys water-sports with his little boy, including stand up paddle boarding. Of course I  extended an invite to visit Poole and to enjoy some SUP time in Poole Harbour with us. I  showed him some photos of Sandbanks and SUP, which he loved! In fact, everyone is  super envious of our waterside location.

More red meat later, a starter of parmesan custard with anchovy toast, more champagne, and breaking every rule of my usual sugar free/wheat free approach to food, dinner was completed with a stunning raspberry souffle.

Getting a yellow cab home with a full-to-busting belly, I was ready to hit my bed at midnight knowing I had an exciting start at the Fashion Digital Conference where Tony, founder of King & Partners, along with Simon Collins are to speak alongside one of K&P’s clients, Ryan the digital head for Kenneth Cole. To see them all in action is to be a highlight of my week.

Liz Takes Manhattan champagne  By Liz Willingham