Poole-based public relations agency Liz Lean PR has introduced a new peternity scheme for employees to look after their new pets.


Peternity offers employees time off to take care of their new pet, similar to maternity and paternity leave. Peternity can last for a few days or several weeks of paid leave.


According to new research by PetPurr, a pet insurance provider, 1 in 5 pet owners love their four-legged friends so much that they’re willing to sacrifice up to three weeks holiday time for them.


Holly Windsor, Account Manager at Liz Lean PR, has been granted two weeks off to look after her new budgie, Brian. Holly commented: “I had heard of other companies offering this scheme and presented the idea to Liz once I had made the decision to extend my family. She was very supportive and it was apparent from the outset that being at home during his settling in time was having a positive effect on Brian and on our budding relationship. I was thrilled when he sat on my finger after three days.”


Liz Willingham, Managing Director at Liz Lean PR, commented: “As a pet-friendly agency and a pet-owner myself, I support the importance of settling a new pet into the homes of any of my fantastic team and I was pleased to grant Holly time off to do so.”