Successful Social Media

  • Lidl are making the most of social media in the festive season as part of their ongoing #LidlSuprises campaign.
  • Select products will be tweeted each week and the more interaction they receive, the lower the prices will drop. Products are launched at 8am on Monday, activity is monitored until 6pm Tuesday, and the price reductions are announced at 12pm on Wednesday. Prices are reduced in store all day on the Saturday.
  • Currently users can only take part on Twitter, but it’ll be interesting to see if this style of campaign takes off and is used by other brands.


In other social media news…

Google offers ‘Live’ traffic count

  • You may have seen a chart when searching on Google that tells you when a shop, restaurant or attraction is due to be busy, broken down into days and then over the opening hours for each day. It also says how long people typically tend to stay there.
  • The folks at Google are in testing mode to further improve their service – this time by displaying a change to the graph using real time data.
  • A red bar now appears on the graph to show how the current level compares to what they would usually expect and offers searchers a chance to correct the details if they are wrong.

Twitter accidentally annoys users

  • Following changes that were announced earlier in the year where @usernames wouldn’t count as part of your 140 characters Twitter has been testing various different ways to display this.
  • The company accidentally shipped an update to the app that removed @usernames from replies altogether, replacing with a little sentence above each tweet, and users were outraged.
  • Twitter tweeted about the update, saying “Today, an experiment around replies accidentally went out to everyone on iOS briefly. Upside, we got helpful feedback – we’re listening!”

And in other news…

  • Take a look back at 2016 with your own Facebook video, by checking out #ThisHappened on Twitter, and watching #YouTubeRewind…