Image credit: TechCrunch

Successful Social Media

  • This week Snapchat have started launching their ‘Spectacles’ – the product launched earlier in the year is a pair of video-capturing sunglasses.
  • Spectacles have been available for a limited time only from a vending machine at a random location, with a new location being revealed each day.
  • Retailing at $129 eBay listings are up already selling pairs to those who have not necessarily been so lucky for hundreds of pounds. Currently only one seller is openly shipping to the UK but a pair will set you back £1,268.53.

In other social media news…

Foursquare and Snapchat Collaborate

  • Geo-filters are always popular on Snapchat and as the platform grows from strength to strength the company are looking to improve on their existing offering. The two have worked together in the past with Foursquare being one of the first brands to advertise on Snapchat.
  • Partnering with geo-location app Foursquare means that Snapchat can take advantage of location data for Twitter, Uber, Apple, Pinterest and over 100,000 other services to create geo-filters for users to apply to their photos.
  • This has been used well in the past by KFC – users can take their photo with The Colonel while they eat their meals.

WhatsApp launches video calling

  • Video calling has been around for a while now, with Skype, Facetime and Facebook Messenger, and the latest to hop on the band wagon is WhatsApp.
  • This addition is a natural evolution for the app since being bought by Facebook, as Messenger already offers the service it makes sense for WhatsApp to have the capability as well.
  • Users will receive the update before the end of the month and is an additional option on the button where you can currently make an ordinary phone call.

And in other news…

  • It’s #ChildrenInNeed tonight, the first without Sir Terry Wogan!