Synergy Hairdressing is proud to announce that one of its junior stylists and trainees, Laura Bolter, is now fully qualified and able to start building her own client base across its salons in Blandford and Poole.

Laura recently qualified as a stylist, having completed her NVQ at Bournemouth College while training as an apprentice at Synergy. In addition to her recent qualification, Laura has also been awarded ‘Apprentice of the Year’ by Bournemouth College. This is a prestigious award which highlights a student’s hard work and achievements throughout the academic year. Laura is the third stylist from the Synergy family to have won this award.

Laura said: ‘‘I am so grateful for Synergy giving me the opportunity to be an apprentice at their salon while I was studying to complete my NVQ. I am excited to grow in the business and look forward to showcasing my skills on the local Synergy clientele as I will be involved with all aspects of hairdressing.”

Owner of Synergy Hairdressing, Colina Currell, added: “It’s wonderful to see young people such as Laura be given the chance to learn and flourish within our company. Laura is the perfect example of what sheer hard work and passion can achieve. She has impressed us from the get-go and we look forward to seeing Laura continue to grow in confidence as she climbs up the career ladder here at Synergy. ’’

Laura is now available for appointments in Synergy’s Blandford salon on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Thursdays and Saturdays in Synergy’s Poole salon.