Successful Social Media

  • To celebrate its annual 4×4 day, Jeep launched their own Snapchat filter, which put people in the driving seat of an open air Jeep Wrangler
  • When Snapchatters raise their eyebrows, their hair blows wildly imitating the experience of driving their new car
  • Jeep’s social team collated #Jeep4x4Day content and made a promotional video called ‘Today Was Made For Adventure’


In other social media news…

Twitter reply update

  • This week, Twitter update replies which means that handles so that they are no longer included in the character count
  • Users can now see the chain of conversation by clicking on the replying to link
  • It has divided users with some saying how they have wanted this for months and others aren’t so keen


Pepsi advert gets taken down

  • The drinks brand’s TV advert, featuring Kendall Jenner, backfired this week when it drew comparisons to the #BlackLivesMatter protests
  • Initially the firm sent out an apology and just a few hours later they withdrew the advert
  • The campaign sparked a debate about whether the world is being accurately reflected in advertising



And in other news…


Image credit: The News Wheel