Innovate, a leading IT solutions provider, has announced the launch of its own dedicated cloud computing package, Cloud9.  Developed by Poole-based Innovate, and aimed at regional businesses across the south, Cloud9 will offer business owners major cost-saving benefits of removing all PC’s and servers and hosting their entire IT safely on the internet.

The product has taken more than 12 months to create at a substantial investment, and every eventuality has been considered to ensure it is a robust and secure system. One of the UK data centres where Cloud9 is situated is an ex-nuclear bunker and the other centre is built on springs so as to withstand an earthquake!

Cloud9 can achieve cost savings of 60 per cent or more as well as increased operational efficiencies by moving in-house systems and applications online. Whether a company has 10 or 1000 PCs the cost savings on IT usage are significant – IT support charges are eliminated, operating systems, office software, anti-virus and anti-spam annual renewals are not required and server power costs are completely removed.

Customers have a totally secure and direct access to all of their data and be safe in the knowledge that significant backup is always in place.

Cloud9 allows employers to set up what is essentially a virtual office to provide users with the flexibility of connecting to the business anywhere, any time. As part of the service, Innovate will always undertake an initial audit of the current IT system so a clear picture can be formed of the cost savings that will be achieved by using Cloud9. Following this, a dedicated project manager is assigned to guide the process, ensuring the client’s requirements are fully met.

Cloud9 uses such clever technology that all an office needs is a mouse, keyboard and screen – all the PC’s and servers can be removed from the business.

To ensure the green credentials of Cloud9 are fully maximised, a partnership has been formed with Computer Aid International, a UK-registered ICT for development charity, which aims to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions. Innovate will remove old IT equipment following any implementation of Cloud9 and supply it to the charity which in turn will be distributed to hospitals, universities, schools and not-for-profit organisations in rural communities based in more than 100 countries.

David Pape, managing director at Innovate, says: “Cloud9 is a great concept that will transform the way regional organisations manage hosting and data. It has been a fantastic project to take from concept to reality and we envisage this being a key aspect of Innovate’s business moving forward. It is an exciting step for us after eight years of building the company and enables us to fulfil our ultimate goal of delivering a highly scalable, consistent and dynamic IT infrastructure to our clients which leads to increased uptime, less problems and greater productivity.

“We know the cloud is the way forward for businesses, and we are aware that many organisations, particularly in the public and third sectors are having to look at drastic ways to reduce overheads. This is an example of where IT can be more efficient and reduce costs very simply. As a local firm we can offer a secure service that means customers know where their data is held, how much it is going to cost every month and who will look after them if there are any issues to resolve.”

David adds: “There are many financial benefits to moving a business to Cloud9; reduced power costs – less hardware means more efficient power usage, and the issue of adding or reducing capacity will no longer be about buying expensive new kit.  As everything is online, and it’s a service that is rented, more capacity can be instantly added with no capital outlay.”

To coincide with the launch of Cloud9, Innovate will be running a series of free workshops titled ‘An idiots guide to cloud computing’ aimed at business owners, directors and senior manager to provide them with a thorough insight into cloud computing.  The first workshop will take place on Friday 24 May from 9am to 11am at Innovate, Acorn Business Park, Ling Road, Poole, BH12 4NZ.  To book a place on the first workshop or for further information, please telephone 0330 999 1000 or visit