Patrick’s Restaurant, Bar and Event Catering in Ashley Cross will be celebrating its namesake saint’s special day on Tuesday March 17 with Irish inspired specials.

Revellers are invited to adorn themselves with green clothing and hats, paint shamrocks on their faces and pop down to the restaurant and bar in Ashley Cross for a pint of Guinness.

Head chef Chris Howard will be cooking up an Irish feast with Celtic delicacies, including Irish stew on the St Patrick’s Day menu.

Patrick Michael, owner of Patrick’s, said: “St Patrick’s Day is always a special occasion, not only because we share the same name but because we also share the same tradition of bringing people together to “Drink and be merry”!

“We are looking forward to pulling a pint of Guinness for our punters on March 17. If the stout stuff is not the tipple for you we can always whip up a traditional Irish coffee. The overall atmosphere is uplifting, where everybody is friends with everyone for a day.”

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