Imagine our excitement at being invited to try out The MacGuffin Project in Bournemouth. Described as ‘Bournemouth’s Darkest Attraction; an escape room experience like no other,’ it’s safe to say that we were excited and a little bit nervous all at the same time!

Aged 18, I went along with my brother (aged 13) and my mum to take part. None of us had ever done anything like this before, so we entered with little knowledge of what we were about to let ourselves in for! The atmosphere built up from the moment we walked in the front door. Personally, I love secrets and surprises so I was really excited.

After the initial suspense-building introduction, we were sent into a workshop, more detailed and intricate than we ever could have imagined. I spent the first 10 minutes just looking around the incredible space, forgetting that I was there to complete a task.

Both my brother and mum seemed to do the same and as we became more familiar with the room, we picked up on some patterns and objects around us that would later become essential to our ‘escape’.

Our hour in the room took us on a journey through confusion, relief, anticipation and plenty of ‘lightbulb’ moments that brought our family together as a team in a way we have never been before. We were thriving off each other’s own discoveries and naturally taking leadership in different areas. At first, I felt a bit daunted by the numbers strategically placed on the walls, in notebooks and on the floor, thinking I would have to use my faded Mathematics GCSE knowledge to even have a chance of success, but once we had got to grips with the tasks at hand, The MacGuffin demanded an extremely interesting thought process. It was like next level ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Finishing the challenge with only minutes to spare, the experience pushed us as a team and as individuals and I think we all came away mentally exhausted and taken a-back but ready to delve into another mystery.

I’d love to understand how the creators behind the project devise such incredible experiences, but that would tarnish the fun and I definitely intend to return and get stuck into the 3 other puzzles The MacGuffin Project, Bournemouth has to offer.