We would like to introduce you to Nawar Saadi. Nawar is a young consultant in our Digipigz community who has some fantastic ideas and is working on a really exciting project called Union in Speech. Read a little more about Nawar and the project here:

union in speech

I’m Nawar and I decided to start up union in speech (uis for short!). A poetry, spoken word and speech event that gives people a place to share their voice.

As a poet and somebody that has always been outspoken, I found it difficult to find events that offered me the opportunity to express myself. I knew that this was a gap in the market for Bournemouth and Poole, but I didn’t think I would be able to put myself out there and start something. So, I put it off.

In June I attended a Digipigz networking event, where I spoke to many people about my idea. I was surprised by the reaction, as many said they loved the idea and it would be a something fresh and different to see in our area.

I later re-evaluated myself and thought ‘Yes! I can do this’.

So, then I got straight to it. I created a logo and colour scheme to build an image around my idea and set up social media accounts to share the word out. After that my next priority was finding a venue and a suitable time and day to do uis’s first event.

Since then I’ve been emailing, calling and meeting up with people to get them involved with my event. I have a few people lined up to perform at union in speech and finally have a secured a venue. I’ve learnt that connecting with people, whether that be online or face to face is so important and really can help you grow.

In fact, when I messaged Marcus Wincott from Media Lounge telling him about my event, he then advised me to get in touch with Kelly Butler from BOMO. So, I did just that. I contacted Kelly, told her about union in speech and now my first event will be part of the BOMO season this year.

I know this isn’t going to be easy and everything won’t always go right. But all I can say is that I’m so passionate about people expressing themselves and their voices, and that is all the motive I need to push me to carry on. I want to achieve something great, that gives others a place that I didn’t have, to share their talents and stories.

So, the first event!


17th October 2019




The Station 226 Ashley Road

Poole BH14 9BY

Stay in touch:

Instagram: http:/bit.ly/uis2019

Twitter: http:/bit.ly/twtruis


By Nawar Saadi