Last night we were invited to The Stable down on Poole Quay to try the new menu and enjoy their new cider tasting experience…

What Monday night would be complete without pizza, cider and good company? We were more than happy to accept the invitation to sample the new menu at the Poole Stable and also meet Beth, their resident Cider Master.

To start the night, we tried a selection of pizzas off the new menu (can’t recommend Big Jerk pizza enough) and another firm favourite was The Billy The Kid with caramelized onions, mushrooms and goats’ cheese, topped with roasted hazelnuts. If you haven’t tried their pizzas, you really are missing out! You aren’t left with that ‘piggy’ feeling after eating one of The Stable pizzas; the bases are thin and the ingredients so fresh. The staff were only too accommodating when we requested for a gluten-free selection as well – and take our word for it, you wouldn’t know the difference!

The Liz Lean PR team


Once pizza-eating was over, the cider experience began! Beth, the resident cider master handed us out score cards and then talked us through a selection of ten ciders. We were given a small taster of each cider as she explained the methods behind each one, where they have been made and a bit of background behind each producer. On our scorecards, we had to note down the name, whether we found it medium, sweet or dry and score it out of ten for clarity, aroma and taste. The firm favourite of the night was definitely the Cornish Orchard Blush, so light and refreshing – but packed full of flavour at the same time.

The cider score cards at The Stable in Poole


Beth talked us through how to get the most of each cider, providing us with a jar of coffee beans to sniff, in order to cleanse the palette between each cider. If you love your cider, The Stable is a must-visit – there’s over 60 ciders on offer.

We certainly learnt a lot about cider and had a great team night out at the same time! Their new cider tasting experience is great for parties or corporate nights out. We can’t recommend enough. It is safe to say the venue is looking great too, having had a bit of a refurb.

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