Instagram launches #HereForYou mental health awareness campaign

  • The social media app is aiming to help the conversation about mental health issues with a dedicated campaign to make them ‘less invisible to family and friends through photos and videos’
  • It aims to take away the stigma around mental health and allow people to talk about it more openly
  • Users can even watch a video created by the bods at Snapchat which features three people bravely talking about their first-hand experience with issues such as eating disorders and depression

In other social media news…

Social media streams pinned to your web browser

  • Rather than having your Facebook chat or Twitter stream on a separate tab, you can pin them to your browser with Opera Reborn, which has been transformed since it was purchased by a Chinese tech company last year
  • If that doesn’t sell it to you, the browser also has built in ad-blocking BUT this will stop you from accessing Facebook and Google (Who can live without them!)

This time next year we could have fast charging smartphones

  • Israeli firm, StoreDot, are hoping to put phone batteries into production next year which charge in *five minutes*
  • The idea was originally shown off at the CES tech show in Las Vegas but chief exec, Doron Myersdorf, says that these could now be made in 2018
  • Considering how quickly social media zaps our phone batteries, this could mean that we spend less time waiting for our phones to charge and more time sending that news update (or dog-face Snap)


And in other news…

  • This Twitter moment highlights some of the ridiculously overpriced things you can buy if you have more money than sense including a £10.80 cheese toastie from Harrods, and a jar of air for £200

ToastieCredit to @Sophie_Gadd on Twitter