Here at Liz Lean PR, we love our two office dogs, Zennor and Badger. Liz’s dog, Zennor,  is a wily, wise old girl, breed unknown, who owns the Sandbanks promenade. While my younger pup, Badger, is a less worldly, but very enthusiastic cockapoo.

Badger and his poorly paw

When Badger hurt his paw, see photo above, I was able to take him straight to the vets to make him better. Sadly, not every animal is lucky enough to have vets nearby to treat them…

International charity Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) was established in 2003 to provide aid and assistance to poorly animals  in places where there is normally no ready access to veterinary services.

WVS has today launched the ‘WVS Mile of Smiles’ winter appeal to spread sunshine and warmth through the chilly days ahead.

It is said a smile costs nothing… but if it did, it could save thousands of animals’ lives all around the world. With just one month to go until Christmas, the fun, feel-good campaign aims to raise thousands of pounds to help animals in desperate need in countries where no veterinary help is available.

Anyone can take part by simply donating £2 and a smiley photograph of themselves or a picture of their beloved pet.

WVS, operates from a small office behind a second-hand bookshop in Cranborne, Dorset, needs 10,560 photographs. Laid side by side, the smiles will stretch for a mile. The appeal will in turn spread smiles across the world as money raised is poured into sending teams of vets, volunteers and supplies to help save lives.

You can send a donation and your photograph online at Businesses, schools, colleges, clubs and societies interested in getting involved should contact Mel or Amy at Liz Lean PR on 01202 701828 or email or

Founder of WVS, Luke Gamble, who recently starred in TV series Vet Adventures, said: “We hope this appeal will capture people’s imaginations. The run-up to Christmas has feel-good stamped all over it so seems the perfect time to launch an appeal for smiles. We are very excited at the thought of a mile of photographs stretching out, each one from someone who took the time to give £2. Their gift will help animals and the people who rely on them in dire need around the world.”