Buckholme Towers School and Nursery was founded in 1939 and the motto ‘happiness through education, education through happiness’ has underpinned the school’s ethos ever since.

Iain Robertson, headmaster, explains how the school achieves a balance of traditional values combined with an excellent education, with pupils going on to achieve outstanding results.

“Buckholme pupils are nurtured in a family environment where traditional values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe wholeheartedly in the advantages of small classes and teaching the children on an individual basis. There is a high ratio of staff to pupils, with a combination of fully qualified teachers, teaching assistants, learning support assistants, and higher level teaching assistants, which means our teachers can get to know the pupils very quickly. For example, if a child is showing a particular talent or they require additional support, these issues can be swiftly identified. This is what makes Buckholme unique. By having smaller classes we can be flexible in the way we organise the children.

“In the past, we have moved children who are progressing at a significantly higher rate in a particular subject than their peers, to the year group above. When this happens we involve the parents and the pupil in the decision making process to ensure that it is appropriate. The small classes give us complete flexibility in our timetabling.

“Teamwork is a value which we encourage at Buckholme. Where possible, pupils get involved in some form of group participation whether it is sports, music or another club where everyone is required to contribute. We often put pupils forward to represent the school on a larger scale and many have achieved success that way.

“The nursery is another area of Buckholme which we are extremely proud of. Children start with us from two years and nine months and are instantly integrated into the school. Nursery pupils wear the uniform, join school assemblies and share playtimes. They use the IT suite, and learn French and physical education with specialist teachers. Parents of nursery children aren’t obliged to send their children on to the main school, however those pupils that do go through are already familiar with routines, teachers and expectations, and the transition is seamless.

“Looking back at the history of the school, many generations of the same families have attended the school and share fond memories of their time here, as in some ways very little has changed. A high percentage of our pupils go on to achieve places at local grammar schools and this is undoubtedly a success factor for many of our parents. We have a ‘can-do’ culture at Buckholme which we are proud of, and this, coupled with a strong work ethic, means that many pupils inevitably achieve outstanding results.”