Hamworthy Heating undergoes mini makeover

In response to staff feedback Fleetsbridge-based Hamworthy Heating has treated its head office to a mini makeover to help improve staff wellbeing this autumn.

New signage in the current branding has been installed on the side of the building, which overlooks Waterloo Road and the front of the building facing Hatch Pond Nature Reserve, to raise awareness of the company within the community and increase visibility of its factory and offices on the Fleets Corner site.

The leading commercial boiler manufacturer has renovated the toilet facilities; updating the interior design and introducing the latest energy efficient hand-driers. To support staff that currently cycle to work and encourage more employees to do so the company has also installed new showers.

After listening to staff feedback, the old blinds have been removed and all of the windows replaced with modern tinted glass, which allows in light but shields the staff from any glare.

Bob Walsh, technical director of Hamworthy Heating, said: “When the company carried out a staff survey at the beginning of the year it became apparent that staff wellbeing could benefit from investing in a few touches to the offices. The toilet facilities in particular were in dire need of a spruce up as they hadn’t been updated since the 70’s!

“With the introduction of the new showers, we hope more employees will take up cycling to and from work. Not only can regular cycling improve your fitness but it also does wonders to reduce stress.

“It is well documented that healthy employees are more productive and have a higher morale. We are also very aware that a healthy workplace will reduce the strain on fellow employees of unnecessary sickness leave.”