Staff from Hamworthy Heating have gone back to their roots by planting trees for a local community park project. 

Based at Tuckers Lane, just minutes from Hamworthy Heating’s headquarters in Poole, the Borough of Poole’s Environmental Development Team are transforming the derelict site of the former Hamworthy First School’s old playing field into a haven for native flora and fauna, known as Tuckers Field.

The national commercial heating and hot water specialist has committed to planting 13 trees to celebrate the sale of 13 biomass boilers in 2013. The environmentally friendly biomass boilers are fuelled by recycled and sustainable wood sources.

Neville Radford, Business Development Manager for biomass at Hamworthy Heating and Mark Goodacre, Marketing Executive for Hamworthy Heating, donned fleeces and wellies to join project manager Caroline Gaze and Borough of Poole employee David Price planting fruit trees which will eventually grow into a source of free fruit for local people.

Neville said: “Planting trees for the Tuckers Field park project was the perfect way to celebrate last year’s sale of 13 biomass boilers. Our range of biomass boilers provides an environmentally sustainable heating solution for our customers.”

Mark added: “I’ve lived around this area for years and remember what it used to be like as a playing field. It’s fantastic to be able to get our hands dirty and get actively involved in turning the field into a place locals can come and enjoy again.”

The team initially planted six trees (Thursday Feb 27) and will plant another seven at a different site later in the year.

Project Manager Caroline Gaze said: “These trees are a fantastic addition to the new open space. We have involved schools and the local community with this project and it is great that Hamworthy Heating came forward to help support the project too. The trees will provide an attractive element which will benefit both wildlife and people.”

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