Hall & Woodhouse, the leading independent brewer, has purchased land on the upcoming ‘Island Site’ in Beggarwood, Basingstoke, to build a new family-focused pub and restaurant.
The land was purchased from Grainger Housing & Developments Ltd and Derwent Developments Ltd and work has already started on the ‘Island Site’ development. Hall & Woodhouse is investing more than £4million in the site and aims to open the pub early next year.
A care home, retirement home and new dental surgery have also received planning permission to be built on the site after being approved by councillors last year.
Mark James, Property Director at Hall & Woodhouse, said: “We are hugely excited to have begun work at the Beggarwood Island site. We hope to create something special here – a beautiful pub with gardens – that will become a hub in the community for everyone to use and enjoy. Over the years we have evolved our pubs with the changing times and offer a unique experience for the whole family. Whether this is meeting friends for drinks, having dinner with your family, or celebrating a special occasion, we hope that guests will create fond memories here.”
Dan Putty, Hatchwarren and Beggarwood Conservative Councillor, added: “After years of trying to secure a restaurant in this part of Hatchwarren and Beggarwood, I am happy to announce that it is going to be a reality for the people of my ward.
“The location of Hall & Woodhouse’s pub will be overlooking the woodland park, which is already used by many within the community. I will take it upon myself to make sure that the amenities are of a high standard and I am excited to be able to deliver the long-awaited pub for my constituents.”
Hall & Woodhouse is an independent Dorset family company that brews award-winning Badger Ales and runs an estate of high-quality pubs in the south of England.
Family owned with Mark Woodhouse and Anthony Woodhouse as the current seventh generation stewards, the business is proud to be a leading independent regional brewer, with an established estate of 180 beautiful pubs across the south of England.
Please visit www.hall-woodhouse.co.uk for more information.