Award entries are a great way to get recognition for your company, products or services.  Entering and winning awards let your customers, employees, competition and the media know that you are an acknowledged professional and industry leader. Nothing says “we’re the best” like an expert third party endorsement. It can be a great way to raise your profile and to enhance your reputation.

The downside is that writing an award entry that is concise, informative and persuasive to give you the edge over other entrants can sometimes seem like an unnecessary distraction that is not business critical but, if you are selective about what to enter and invest the time in getting the entry right you will get the recognition you deserve.

If time is an issue, and you want to increase your chances of winning or becoming shortlisted it is worth considering enlisting the services of a professional writer to create the entry that is compelling.  Award entry writing is just one of the services we offer our clients.

There are obvious long-term benefits to being an award-winning business, including:

  • Increased credibility – An award win or shortlisting can act as a third party endorsement for your business
  • Employee motivation – Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation
  • Free marketing – Just being shortlisted can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers
  • Differentiate your business from the competition – A business award is an ace up your sleeve
  • Invaluable media exposure

Being involved in the process of developing an award entry is also beneficial because it forces you to reflect on your work and evaluate its impact. In fact, thinking about how you can deliver award winning work, services or products that achieve hard-hitting business objectives from the outset is what will make your business grow and succeed.

LLPR can help to write award submissions and have experience to draw on.  As a result, we can help you win business awards by:

  • Understanding what the judges are looking for
  • Recommending information to include that you may not have considered
  • Asking the right questions of the relevant people in your business to generate award-winning answers
  • Help to gather the important evidence to support your claims

If you want to get your company noticed and enhance your reputation please feel free to contact us on 01202 701828 to find out how we can help.