Poole-based electrical firm GF Electrical witnessed enquiries soar in the lead up to the clocks changing for winter from firms looking to combat the potential effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) on their workforce.

Following a long hot summer, many employers want to continue seeing increased productivity throughout the winter months and are looking to invest in sufficient lighting.

GF Electrical provide and install daylight tube lamps and, now the darker afternoons are here, employers looking to ensure the health and safety of staff have begun to make enquiries into this type of lighting solution.

Lighting is extremely important to the health and safety of everyone using the workplace and poor lighting can have a serious effect on the health of people at work.  It can be costly to a business, resulting in increased absenteeism, reduced staff efficiency and productivity.

Daylight tube lamps give a much whiter light than the standard yellow ones allowing for a more natural effect.  This can improve mood, effectiveness and worker efficiency in an office.  The daylight lamps mimic the natural daylight that eyes are designed to work under by using all the colours of the rainbow enabling eyes to see things in a natural and balanced way.

Gary Fisher, manager of GF Electrical, says: “Safety at work is one of the biggest concerns for any business owner.  The lighting of any property can hugely influence personal wellbeing and health, motivation and performance.

“In the workplace, lighting has to meet occupational health and safety requirements.  What has to be taken into consideration when it comes to office lighting is not just the aesthetics of how the lighting is incorporated into the building but the impact it has on the workers and in turn the business.

“An important reason for good lighting is to combat SAD or so-called winter depression which can be caused by poor light.  Daylight tube lamps offer the perfect prevention providing a therapeutic solution to those suffering with this disorder which can cause depression, which in turn leads to long periods of time where the affected are unable to work.  In turn, daylight tube lamps will create a more successful and happier working environment.”

Daylight tube lamps can produce up to 4600 lumens of light, depending on the size chosen.  For further information, telephone 01202 259884 or visit www.gfelectrical.co.uk.