Recent news reports have stated that consumer frustration and dissatisfaction has led to record complaints about energy companies in the first quarter of 2014, according to the latest findings from the Energy Ombudsman show. During the last three months, customer complaints have tripled to more than 10,500, with billing being cited as the main area of concern. In response, chief energy ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith has called for ‘increased transparency’.

Celebrating 10 years in the electrical industry this spring, GF Electrical is a leading electrical contractor based at Holton Heath in Poole which offers various services to help consumers wanting to reduce their electricity bills, including lighting upgrade reports which offer complete transparency in regards to the return on investment for every job and the latest innovation in lighting, LED technology.

Gary Fisher, managing director of GF Electrical said: “People feel out of control with the rates that are being charged, so consumers need to start to think about what they can control…..they can aim to reduce their bills by looking into investing in new products on the market that are more energy efficient like LED alternatives.

“Though more expensive to buy initially, they are one of quickest ways to cut lighting bills dramatically, by up to 84 per cent!  What’s more, the lifespan of LED lighting is 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs, meaning less purchases and installation time and costs.

“Simple calculations show that the investment in the evolving energy efficient LED lighting technology, delivers returns in excess of 80 per cent, per annum on a continuous basis.”

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