Celebrating 10 years in the electrical industry this spring, GF Electrical is a leading electrical contractor based at Holton Heath in Poole with a wealth of long-standing clients in both the commercial and domestic markets.

This family-run business has managed to retain and grow its customer base through offering various innovative services, including lighting upgrade reports which calculate the payback period and return on investment for every job.

GF Electrical also provides fresh new lighting solutions for businesses, including the latest innovation in lighting, LED technology.  LED lighting offers both enhanced wellbeing and up to 80 per cent energy saving benefits for businesses.

GF Electrical managing director, Gary Fisher said: “By installing our LED lighting, energy consumption and subsequent electricity bills for many of our commercial clients have been greatly reduced.”

“What’s more, the average life expectancy of an LED light fitting is over five years, so the reduction of costly lamp changes and maintenance will result in additional savings for the consumer.”

For more information, please visit www.gfelectrical.co.uk or telephone 01202 259884.