This week we got the chance to get our hands on some very exciting tech thanks to our friends at Fireworx.

Taking place in the Hilton Hotel, Bournemouth, we went along to a trial ‘virtual reality’ session and met the friendly faces who build some of the best PCs in the UK. Chillblast had a suite of software ready for the lucky guests to test all kinds of VR situations; demos included playing carnival games, exploring underwater in coral reefs, fighting zombies in a dark cave and painting in 3D.

The best example presented from a marketing experience was the model of a car – allowing the user to change the colours and fabrics of both the interior and exterior until they were satisfied. Scenarios like this are perfect examples of how this technology can be embraced – outside of playing very intense video games!

The potential for VR within marketing is huge, and there’s some really exciting experiences bubbling away already. Looking past the novelty of the technology is important; you need to have substance with your style in order to keep the audience captivated to your message.