Wave 105 has teamed up with Brightside Personal Training in Southampton to launch its first online personal training portal, Wave Fitness.

Wave Fitness is a new concept based around a library of online personal training videos that can be accessed online using PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. It also includes video guides on how to take measurements and initial fitness tests in order to assess a start point and subsequently track progress.

With hundreds of thousands of Wave 105 listeners doing some form of sport or exercise at least once a week, the radio station is making getting fitter cheaper and more convenient.

Wave 105 presenter, Steve Power, said: “I have been following the Brightside Personal Training programme for the last month and have already lost more than a stone. It is a great way to get active and stay motivated and I am sure Wave 105 listeners will get the fitness bug once they sign up.”

For further information about Wave Fitness, or to sign up, visit: www.wave105.com/fitness and is available for just £2 per week.