Snapchat filter created to boost young voter registration

  • To help reach out to as many young people as possible, the Electoral Commission has teamed up with Snapchat to launch a geofilter aimed at getting more young people to sign up to vote
  • It is hoped that the graphic will remind Snapchat’s 10 million daily UK users to register before the deadline this Monday, May 22
  • Research carried out by the Electoral Commission shows that a whopping 30-per-cent of people under the age of 34 have not registered to vote

In other social media news…


Pinterest boosts offering to marketers

  • A new feature on the social media page means that users of business accounts will be able to see how many impressions, clicks, zooms, and saves a post has had
  • The metrics option is long over-due when it comes to marketers being able to track engagement and judge what works well and what needs improvement
  • Pinterest has also improved the way adverts work on the page, meaning that advertisers will be able to see their products appear next to a related item on a pinned post

Instagram introduces face filters

  • Earlier this week, the photo-sharing channel have introduced the chance to turn ‘an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining’
  • You can add koala or bunny ears (Where have we seen that before *cough*), maths equations, and make videos which play on rewind
  • This could put a stop to people needing to screenshot their Snaps to put on Instagram (Yes, we do know people that do that #SadPuppyFace)


And finally…

What would you do if you found a big pile of loose change on the floor? Before you answer that, this Twitter moment will offer some inspiration as part of a social experiment. Our favourite reaction is the person who is clearly wishing for something good as he throws some coins over his shoulder. Faith in humanity restored.



Picture credit: Electoral Commission